There’s a lot to consider when bringing yourself or your company online. Often it requires understanding the dynamics of several different programing languages, different software, different design techniques, tools and different market segments. This is not to mention the intricacies of promoting your site; getting the word out, dealing with search engines, managing your newsletter – the list goes on and on and we haven’t even mentioned creating your content!

It sure can be so.. overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

The services at the Blog Setup Expert are designed to help people at all levels to get a new website up and running, fix a broken website, promote an existing website or monetize a website. All of our services are useful in these common scenarios:

IF you’d rather not deal with the technical details of putting your site together.
IF you’d rather focus on content than promotion.
IF you’re encountering an integration/customization issue.
IF your designer/coder left you high and dry.
IF you’re interested in promoting your website.
IF you’re tired of creating sites and want some automation.
IF you’re interested in creating a unique, custom website.
IF you want to start your first blog but don’t know or care to know how.

[title h2=”title_blue”]What makes you an expert?[/title]
Great question. It’s a bold statement, I can admit. I personally think you can classify someone as an expert if they have the experience to strategize a project, the knowledge to build it out, the grit to overcome obstacles and the skills to put it all together.

I’ve been working in internet marketing and web development since 2001, and in that 10 year span I’ve worked in many dimensions of development: design, programming, marketing, SEO and user interface design. In addition to my experience, I hold a BS in Business Information Systems.

Until the creation of the Blog Setup Expert business, I’ve never formally provided a service, and a lot of what I have done has been under contract. My portfolio here is restricted to work done under the Blog Setup Expert banner – and I hope my work speaks for itself!

If you have any questions – please contact me any time. Or, check out all of our services.

[title h3=”title_blue”]And what about the human behind the scenes?[/title]

Hello! My name is Justin. I’m a director of marketing at a local company by day, web developer by night, and Blog Setup Expert is my business. I live in the mountains of beautiful Colorado with my family. My hobbies include riding my motorcycle, reading comic books, hiking the mountains & developing sites.