Free Blog Setup

A half-baked idea is okay as long as it’s in the oven.

Why worry about the technical stuff? While the axiom “you get what you pay for” applies to most situations, this is the exception to the rule. It IS possible to get a quality blog – and for free!

It’s simple: just sign up for hosting through Expert Blog Setup, and in return my installation & setup fee is covered from the hosting company’s affiliate program. The referral bonus I get will cover a full, free install of a great website for you – paid by your new host!

[title h3=”title_blue”]It’s so easy, it involves one quick step…[/title]

Step 1: Simply get started by filling out this form. Once you send it off, I will email you a sign up link. After you create your hosting account, you will get a complete WordPress blog installation and configuration.

[styled_box title=”Your FREE Expert Blog Setup includes:” color=”blue”]
A Complete WordPress Installation.
WordPress will be the backend of your new blog. Remember with WordPress ease of use is the name of the game. You don’t even need FTP access, you can publish to your blog directly in your browser.

Bonus Theme Package
Which includes 10 kick-ass themes for you to choose from to dress your site up. All you have to do is decide which you like best and activate it within WordPress. If you get tired of that theme, you can choose a new one from the bundle at any time.

Basic Plugin Configuration
Comprising of the essential blog plugins for site integrity, spam prevention and site promotion. See a comparison of the Plugin Bundles.

Social Networking Tool
Full integration on every blog post you publish. This tool enables your readers to submit your posts to social networking sites like Digg, Twitter, Facebook & more.

Blogger’s Toolkit
This toolkit is an essential roadmap to promoting your website, getting the most out of your new blog and ways to actually make money on it.

Technical support
In up to 3 email requests. You can ask as much as you want in three separate support emails to help you get comfy with your new website.[/styled_box]

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