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The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.
Sarah Ban Breathnach

Putting together your website is just the beginning! Now’s time for the exciting part: getting people to visit and keeping them coming back.

Luckily, the Blog Setup Expert know just what you need – and offers several further services to increase your online visibility, site improvement & site repair.
[title h5]Basic Website Services & Resources[/title]
[toggle_content title=”Website Rx and Website Redesign”]
Is your website borked? We can help you to turn it around, fix it up and get your site the way you always wanted it.

Whether you want a fresh design, a design flaw fixed or the backend fixed to display things the way you want them – we can help with it all.

Pricing is not fixed and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Simply click below to find out more about this service.

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[toggle_content title=”Hosting Solutions”]
Shopping for a good host is like shopping for a car – it’s not until you do your research, your test drives and glad-hand with the sales people that you finally sign that contract and make it official before you realize something might not be right. Every site’s needs are different, and a good solution for hosting is HostGator.

The Blog Setup Expert also offers hosting for small and medium-sized sites for only $6.95/month.

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[toggle_content title=”Domain Registration and Acquisition”]
Are you trying to decide on just the right domain?

If you know what you want as your site’s home URL, we suggest NameCheap.

If however the domain you want is currently taken, our experience negotiating domain sales can be utilized to help you negotiate a good deal. Simply click the button below to reach out to us and we can discuss the acquisition strategy, your price range and negotiation limitations.

There is never an up-front cost for domain acquisition and negotiation – simply a 15% acquisition and consultation fee when the deal closes and the domain is in your hands.

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[title h5]Basic Marketing & Promotion[/title]
[toggle_content title=”Search Engine Submission”]
Do you have the no-one-visits-my-site blues? Perhaps it’s because ALL of the search engines know about you.

For a modest fee, the Search Engine Submitter can ensure you’re submitted to all of the important search engines the correct way. They will submit your site and provide you with a detailed breakdown spreadsheet that acknowledges all submissions and site status with each engine.

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[toggle_content title=”On-Page, Meta-Data and Off-Page SEO Service”]
After an initial Q&A about your goals and expectations, we’ll take a look at your site, it’s content and layout to determine its present search engine status and areas for improvement.

We’ll provide alterations of the content and meta-data of up to five key pages/posts to improve your search engine efforts.

Pricing starts at $250 per service.

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[title h5]Advanced Marketing & Promotion[/title]
[toggle_content title=”Ongoing Search Engine Optimization”]
After an initial consultation about your website’s current search engine status, your goals and your expectations; we’ll take an in-depth inventory of your site’s areas for improvement and work to make the appropriate changes.

Then, on a monthly basis, we’ll continue to work on obtaining and maintaining top search engine positions in the specific keyword metrics you’re targeting.

Pricing for ongoing SEO services is a $300 initial consultation and $150/mo. thereafter.

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[toggle_content title=”Email Marketing Services”]
Curious about sending newsletters to your subscribers? What about email marketing sales and promotion for your website? Want to know how to optimize your email messages and methodologies to get the most out of email campaigns? We can help!

Email marketing is a tricky mistress, and it requires someone with skill and understanding of the technical aspects to be successful. The Blog Setup Expert knows all about email marketing – and can help you get setup or improve your current email marketing system.

Pricing is not fixed and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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[toggle_content title=”Data Spidering Service”]
Know who your customers are and how to target them, but need to collect data about them before you can begin? What about content for your site you’d like to scrape from other sites? Perhaps you’re looking for comparable data to flesh out your business plan – in either case, our Data Spidering Service can help you get what you’re after.

For only $499 per project, we can set up an automated crawl of almost any site and collect almost any data you need. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s good business strategy.

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