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*Theme details can be found here. // **Plugin packages can be seen here. // ***Hosting details can be found here.

Frequently asked questions:

[faq_question]What’s the difference between the New Blog Setup and the Professional Blog Setup?[/faq_question]
[faq_answer]The primary difference is the level of customization, theme selection and plugin configuration.  There is also additional search engine optimization that is done when you purchase a Professional Blog Setup.  Please refer to Our Services for more details about all of the different services we offer.[/faq_answer]
[faq_question]Do you offer setup and customization for other Content Management Systems like Joomla, Magneto etc.?[/faq_question]
[faq_answer]Sure do – please check out our Web Development services to find out more.  All web development projects are welcome, and the Blog Setup Expert can tackle almost any CMS setup & installation.[/faq_answer]
[faq_question]Why don’t you have pricing for Site Development?[/faq_question]
[faq_answer]Every site setup is different, and in order to give you a fair price, we first need an idea of the level of complication and depth of detail your project involves.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us about the site you want to build![/faq_answer]
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